Daily Photo - Joe Gallagher
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04/09/09 This is Your Lucky Day

Wandering around an old home here in town, I spotted this lucky horseshoe.
In regions where the horseshoe is placed facing upward, folks believe the horseshoe must point up "or the luck runs out." In places where it is hung facing downward they say exactly the opposite -- "it must point down so the luck can pour onto you." What does the difference in directionality mean? I think that in most of the world it is the horseshoe ITSELF that is lucky and protective. In Italy, for instance, when a horseshoe is nailed by the side of the door (not above it), directionality is not considered important, but what IS important is that the horseshoe was actually used -- worn and discarded by a horse -- that it was found in the road or in a field, not purchased, and that the person who enters the door can touch it for good luck..