Daily Photo - Joe Gallagher
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04/02/09 Echoes of the Past The Munroe Tavern is located in Lexington MA. On the afternoon of April 19, 1775, the tavern served as the headquarters for Brigadier General Earl Percy and his one thousand reinforcements. The British occupied the tavern for one and one-half hours. During this time the dining room was converted into a field hospital while the weary British soldiers consumed liberal quantities of food and drink. A bullet hole still visible in the ceiling of the taproom is a reminder of the disorderly conduct of these uninvited guests. Despite this unruliness, Earl Percy was firmly in control of the situation: he would later write with little exaggeration that in taking command of Lieutenant Colonel Smith's beleaguered men at Munroe Tavern, "I had the happiness of saving them from inevitable destruction." I had been playing with filters on this shot. to view the original picture ------Original