Daily Photo - Joe Gallagher
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10/28/09 Art in the Park.

This is a close up of part of a sculpture created by Jim Dine.

He was Influenced as a young artist in the 1960s by Pop art, he turns objects and images from our everyday lives into the subjects of his work. In Two Big Black Hearts, Dine has incorporated casts of various objects, including hands, faces, seashells, hammers, and other tools into the surface of the hearts. While this may appear to be a random combination of objects, the choice of what to include is both intentional and personal. For Dine, the tools reflect childhood memories of the hardware store owned by his grandparents.

Full picture of the sculpture http://jgallagher.smugmug.com/Guest-Book/Guest-Book/7344487_vrEJ9#695443645_KdGUz